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Optimise the value of player portfolios

We help clubs identify the optimal timing for buying, selling, and loaning players. We help player agents value their roster of talent. We help managers select their best XI. We provide hard impact metrics for performance evaluation and contract negotiations.

Identify new and undervalued talent

We give clubs, scouts, and player agents a set of quantitative metrics for identifying, prioritising, and valuing undiscovered talent — players and managers. We provide a complementary service to existing scouting networks, automatically monitoring almost every professional league around the world.

Plan player and manager career development

We provide clubs, players, and agents with career tracking and forecasting services. We help identify the ideal conditions in which players and managers will develop and thrive.

Identify key opposition weaknesses

We help clubs neutralise opposition strengths and exploit weaknesses through detailed impact analysis. We provide complementary tools to traditional statistical metrics, identifying opposition players whose statistical profile might belie their influence.

Think outside the box

With decades of experience in engineering, statistical modeling and sports analytics, we build bespoke solutions adapted to our clients’ needs. We offer custom consulting services to bring our customers’ unique ideas to life.

Our Model


Our Kortex model is an innovative leap forward in sports analytics, allowing us to measure the precise influence a player has on their team’s success, in real-time. The Kortex model has been carefully validated over the past several years to consistently beat the betting markets in predicting match and league outcomes.


Our model measures how well a team does when a given player is on the pitch. Because of this, we’re able to measure the player’s influence directly, regardless of event statistics, the position they play or their playing style.



Because our model is player-focused, it is league-agnostic. Using an innovative graph networking algorithm to control for bias across leagues, we are able to confidently compare players, managers, clubs, and leagues all over the globe.


Using a fast and distributed architecture, our model framework is able to update player and manager ratings as matches happen. Scouts can follow the development and fortunes of a prospect in real-time, and from a distance.

About Us


We love football

We are a small analytics and engineering consultancy with a global reach. With our decades of experience in computer architecture, modelling, sports and analytics, we provide unique insights into the game of football for managers, scouts, agencies, clubs, journalists and anybody else who wants a competitive advantage.

We offer a wide range of services centered around our innovative computer model, including metrics for global player influence, manager impact, optimal team selection, player value forecasting, and much more. Our services are carefully tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs.


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